Hey Lady Loves,

Thanks for visiting and checking out my 1st blog post here at Rock Your Reality. I can’t even begin to tell you what it took for me to get here.  When I say “here”, yes I do mean me writing this post and being in a position where I am actually excited to connect and share.

Let me just tell you, the last two years have been nothing short of a roller coaster ride and so I am truly grateful to be where I currently am.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Precious. I am a wacky girl from Pittsburgh, PA, currently living in Atlanta.  I love God, green things (nature and food), art, changing my hair often, natural body care (more on that later), hanging out with girlfriends, and helping young women thrive. I tend to be a bit of a free-spirited, creative, flower child – hence my non-conforming ways. My superpower is my INTUITION and my weakness is DARK CHOCOLATE (hey, can you blame me?):)

Before launching Rock Your Reality, I practiced wellness coaching and had a health and wellness company – Nutritional InnerG. Though I am technically still a wellness coach, I use the past tense words (practiced) because I am learning to adapt to change in life, let go, and trust God.

If you’ve worked on something as closely as I did with my clients and company you might imagine how challenging it has been to move to the space that I am in today – where I am Letting Go.

Even if you can’t imagine, the reality is, life will present us all with situations that call us to have to change some aspect of ourselves or our life. While it is human nature to crave comfortably and consistency, the more we cling to what’s comfortable, the more harm we end up doing ourselves.

The other truth is this…

If we don’t change, we don’t grow.

Trust me, I am not one who easily embraces change but I knew that if I were to get to where God is taking me, I had better make some shifts.

The decision to shift didn’t come easy though.

There were many nights when I cried, asking God why, why me and I even questioned if He still new my name.   With all the change that was taking place, I just desperately wanted something to remain the “same”.  My wellness company was that something that was consistent in my life. My work made me happy and I loved helping people improve their eating habits.  I figured if God was going to take my house, my car, and my job, at least let me keep my business! Clearly he had other plans.

I went back and forth for a year, trying to decide if I was going to give up my company and stop serving clients or keep pushing forward.  Interestingly enough, when I moved back home to Pittsburgh, I tried to launch a few programs (which I had been rather successful at in the past) and pick a few clients (just to get the ball back rolling) but almost all of my efforts returned void.

You must imagine how I was feeling.  If you guessed hopeless, you’re right!  I felt hopeless, frustrated and as a result I fell into a deep depression.  Through all of this, I did somehow manage to pick up two part-time jobs (I mean I had to keep food on my table) but even that made me depressed.  I actually spent most of my energy  – whether I was at work or home – struggling to pull myself out of my funk.

Praises to God, I finally did pull myself up and somewhere in the midst of me getting my bearings together – I finally made peace with the past.

I began thinking about how I did all that I could possibly do (working to get new clients, applying for over 100 jobs, looking for a new and fulfilling career, and more)  and considering that none of my efforts bared the fruit that I was hoping for, I was kind of forced to honor my present reality.

I rationalized this as “God must have something else in store for me”.

And I finally decided to QUIT!

I finally got the courage to say no more Nutritional InnerG! No more Health Coaching!

Did making that decision hurt? Yes.  Does it still pain me a bit? Yes! …BUT after I quit, I realized that I did not only quit for myself.

I quit for me and I quit for YOU!

I quit because God was calling me to spend my energy, efforts, and time going boldly toward the next, best, and greatest places of my life and I quit so that I could be able to encourage you to do the same!

When I think of bliss…this is it.  My bliss is helping women thrive!  This is what energizes and inspires me.

And when I became clear about that, it was only right that I give this new venture a shot!

So for the Rock Your Reality platform, consider this to be the place where we’ll join together to get over some hurdles, take leaps of faith, let some shit go, and TAKE ON THE MINDSET necessary to WIN in life and in business.

 I am here to WIN and I am here to help you WIN as well!

As for the content here on the blog –

You can specifically look forward to posts centered around:

  • Mindset and personal growth
  • Entrepreneurship, go-getting and goal setting
  • Inspirational lifestyle
  • Confidence, self-esteem, and self-love
  • Relationships

And since most “greatness”  begins with the desire to take a different approach, the decision to try some thing different, and the willingness to adapt and adjust…

Be sure to check out my post, “Steps I Took to Welcome Change”

In the meantime, take a moment to share your experiences with us.

Are you currently in the process of making some major life changes?  Have you had trouble adjusting to change? How have you or do you deal with change?  Is there anything specific you’d like me to cover under this theme or in general? Share with us below!

Until next time, I love you like XO! (in my best Bey voice 🙂


P.S. If you have a story that you’d like to share on our site please check out the Share Your Story page and share your story using the guidelines listed.

Author: Precious

Welcome! I'm Precious - Blogger and Certified Wellness Practitioner.

I founded Rock Your Reality for women, like yourself, looking to live your BEST and AUTHENTIC life! Here you'll can find content centered around alignment, wellness, fearlessness, confidence and self-awareness - all things you need to show up to life fully and authentically!

When not blogging, I enjoy having smoothie bowls and salads at local health food joints, teaching mediation & practicing yoga, turning up with girlfriends, indulging in dark chocolate & having red wine :).

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