One of the things I’ve learned growing up in a large family is independence. I gained my personal independence at a very young age, so naturally the hustle is second nature to me.

Unbeknownst to me, all of my childhood experiences was shaping me into the kick*** woman who I am today.  My mindset has always been: “there are not too many things in life that I CANNOT accomplish. I can and I will get things done, because if I don’t whose going to do it for me?”

Among my friends, I’ve always been the rebel.   I’ve never been afraid to going out on a limb to do the unthinkable, such as packing all my belongings and driving across state where I knew no one.  However, I was reminded years ago that sometimes our strength can become our weakness, especially if we do not know how to channel it.

Winners Mindset, God’s Way

My impulsive, go getter mentality has gotten me into places I had no business going and around people I had no business being around, all because all because it was ‘my way or the highway.’  I ended up working at jobs I was not supposed to be working at and I’ve had relationships/friendships that was outside the will of God. They all went up in flames.

I quickly realized that what I want to do and what God wants me to do has to be in alignment. The two needs to be a perfect match.  I learned I can no longer do what I want to do an expect it not to backfire, especially if it’s outside of the will of God. Even though I’ve developed this can do attitude, if I want to WIN, I have to do things God’s way.

Checking in with God First

It’s normal to get excited about something and want to see it come into fruition. However,  seeking Gods approval, FIRST,  is nonnegotiable. His stamp of approval need to be on everything.

To date, whenever I have a desire to do something I check in with God.  I’ll say,  “Lord what do you think about this?  Should I go ahead and try that?”  Low and behold God always reveal to me whether or not to proceed. He specifically reveals if I should stop or just approach things from a different angle.

In the article “Does God Bless the Diligent or the Faithful? the writer puts it like this “a life of true stewardship challenges us to work hard while also believing God will hear our prayers and provide. It’s when you rely too heavily on one or the other that it starts to get messy.”

She is essentially reminding us to plug into our greatest resource – our heavenly father – while being ready to roll up our sleeves and put in the work.

God wants us to have a winners mindset. He wants us to do great things in life and succeed at all we do. However, if we take our eyes off of him and allow our pride to get in the way – like Peter did in Mathew 14 – we will sink.  When we start to lean on our own understanding things go awry.

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Melissa is a lifestyle blogger over at HeyGirlMel where her mission is to gently push everyone she encounters to walk in their God given purpose. I am somewhat of a travelaholic and a professional binge watcher (haha). Outside of the virtual world Melissa enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews. Melissa can also be found on Instragram @ hheygirlmel.

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