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If you’re like me or the many other solopreneurs, womenpreneurs, and creatives that I speak with, you’re probably always wondering how to better organize yourself and your schedule so that you can be more productive.

Productivity means more people who you are able to connect with and more lives you can impact.

… And let’s face it, more productivity means more money. We all want that right?  RIGHT!

So the question is what small tweaks can you make to increase productivity?

I got you covered! 🙂

Improve Confidence.  While it may not seem like confidence has much to do with you crossing things off of your to-do list, it actually does.  When you are not confident in yourself, you’re less likely to be inspired by and/or feel good about your work.  When you don’t feel good about your efforts, you’ll likely get discouraged and lose interest. Lack of interest leads to lack of productivity.  However, feeling good about yourself and your projects fuels your desire to work hard and be consistent with your efforts.  No worries though. If confidence is something you struggle with, I did a bomb periscope on 5 Actionable Steps to Improving Confidence. Check it out here.

Create a schedule. This suggestion may be rather obvious, but I see many rising entrepreneurs and creatives, who struggle with creating and managing a schedule…and so they shoot from the hip.  The thing is, nothing drains your time more than not having at least outlined the tasks that you’ll accomplish for the your day, week, or month.  One simple way to develop your schedule, is write out all your regular projects and make a list of the tasks associated with each project. You’ll then want to give each task a completion date and add the tasks to your calendar.  Once you add your tasks to your calendar you can look at each day and know exactly what you have to do for that day.

Minimize distractions. Pursuing your passion/building your business requires laser focus.  In today’s hyper-connected society it is so easy to get pulled away from work. However, if you want to win you gotta become the queen at minimizing distractions. You can do this by:

  • Turning off your phone when your working OR even turn it upside down.
  • Finding a quiet/peaceful place to work.  I love going to local cafe’s to work.  I find that when I am in a space with other people who are working I usually get more done. This may work for you as well.
  • Building in breaks.  Believe it or not, the more you build in breaks the easier it is to focus.  I usually take a break after every major task that I complete or when I feel my brain won’t allow me to produce anymore.  I know we live in a “work hard,  I’ll sleep when I die” time but trust me, working without breaks is a sure way to slow your productivity.
  • Being unapologetically stingy with your time.  Your friends who aren’t entrepreneurs won’t ever understand why you work so hard and that’s okay.  You know that running a business takes a certain kind of laser focus, especially in the beginning.  Having said that, you can’t give into your peeps every single time they are having an event, an affair, or every time they want to hang out…and you can’t feel bad about it!  You can, however, schedule in you family/friend time.  This way they don’t feel neglected and you aren’t being distracted by random outings.

Did any of these suggestions resonate with you? Have you struggled with productivity in the past? Do you have an entrepreneurial friend who struggles in this area? Share your experiences in the comments below OR share this out to your friends :).

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  1. Minimizing distractions was a BIGGIE for me. I still struggle with it on some days, but I try to have a list of things I want to accomplish and that helps me stay focused

    Posted on October 6, 2016 at 1:32 am