It seems like as soon as October 1st hit we got bombarded with the, “it’s Q4 so you betta have your year end goals and plans in formation”, rhetoric.

While I don’t think any of these posts were meant to be “jabs” per say, I do think  the internet has a funny way of making you feel like you’re not doing enough, you’re not enough, and/or you need to get your shit together.

In some ways, we can all use a little external motivation or push toward crushing our goals….and to be perfectly honest, some of us need that “in your face, snarky, tough love” kind of push, before we’ll get moving.

However and again, I really do feel like the internet has a way of making you feel like you’re subpar or second class, and so if you felt a little sting when you realized you didn’t have your fourth quarter goals in order, know this:

It’s OKAY! 

Really, it is okay! 🙂

Though I am naturally ambitious and I always encourage women to go boldly toward their dreams, I do realize that sometimes it’s not always that cut and dry.

The reality is there are seasons for work and season for rest.  There are seasons for “mulling, brainstorming and reflection”, and there are seasons of nothing but relentless action.  There are times when you’re full of energy and then there are times when you have nothing to give…not even to your business or passion.

Not one of these periods are more important than the other AND the highs, nor the lows define you!

The highs and lows are actually a natural part of life.  So,

  • if you don’t have your “Q4” all planned out, or
  • if you’re not geared up and ready to go with your New Year launch, and
  • even if you’re still in that “how do I make this desire a reality phase”

I encourage you to be kind and patient with yourself.  Know that your work is just as valuable as the work of those who are out on the forefront showcasing theirs.

Don’t stress yourself out by comparing your journey to someone else’s.  Pace yourself, do a little each day, and try to drown out the noise of the internet by staying focused on your own path.

If you’re like, “I hear you, but I really want to close the year feeling accomplished”, here’s what you can do.   Choose one BIG goal and focus on executing it.

If you’re not sure where to start or which goal to choose, here are some ideas:

  • Write your ebook
  • Plan a small event
  • Write and schedule 10 blog posts that you’ll release starting New Year
  • Pitch one of your articles to be published
  • Write 3 chapters in your book
  • Create all your graphics for Q1 of next year
  • Focus your efforts on booking 3 new clients for year end
  • Start your meet-up
  • Reach out to 3 people to colab with
  • Organize your files, office, or work space
  • Set your social media/blog schedule

Choose one, work toward it, and build from there.  YOU GOT THIS!



Author: Precious

Welcome! I'm Precious - Blogger and Certified Wellness Practitioner.

I founded Rock Your Reality for women, like yourself, looking to live your BEST and AUTHENTIC life! Here you'll can find content centered around alignment, wellness, fearlessness, confidence and self-awareness - all things you need to show up to life fully and authentically!

When not blogging, I enjoy having smoothie bowls and salads at local health food joints, teaching mediation & practicing yoga, turning up with girlfriends, indulging in dark chocolate & having red wine :).

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One thought on “OMG – I don’t have my Q4 planned out, now what?

  1. I LOVE the list of suggestions! Write 3 chapters in your book…plan a small event…pitch an article to be published ALL part of my Q4 GOALISH LIST LOL

    Posted on October 6, 2016 at 1:30 am