As creatives we start many things, many GREAT things, and sometimes never see them through to completion.  The creative mind is full of ideas and we are able to see potential in many opportunities.  This sometimes causing us to go from project to project without ever focusing on any one thing long enough to see the true fruits of all the hard work that we put in.

I know this was the case for myself.

I started my “creative career” as a blogger. If you’ve been with me long enough you may remember my very first blog that I soon left behind when I launched my nutrition and wellness company.  While running my wellness company I held various successful events, helped many clients reach their goals, and held many successful wellness programs.  With each new project or launch I was looking for a “BIG BANG” indicator that I was on the right path and when that didn’t happen, I would get extremely discouraged.

My failure to see real progress (or gain the traction that I was looking for) is what I thought to be the main reason that I couldn’t stick to one “thing”.

When mentioning my frustration with a friend, he said, “Precious you have great ideas and all of your work has great potential. The problem is, you’re not consistent”.   WHOA! I was not expecting that response. He was right…

I knew he was right, but I the problem was, I didn’t know how to fix it.

I knew that if I couldn’t get myself to be consistent, I would eventually have to kiss entrepreneurial dreams goodbye.  That was something that I couldn’t even fathom, so I HAD to figure this out.

I began asking myself what my true challenge with sticking in one lane or even working on one project, until I saw the results that I knew were possible.

After thinking about this over and over, it finally hit me.  My inconsistency stemmed from not really being clear about “who” specifically I was serving and “why” I was serving them.  Because I was unclear on these two MAJOR things I was always left wondering “is this “it” or should I be doing something else”.

I capitalized “major” in the last sentence because knowing your “who” and “why” really is that big a deal!  It was for me and it will be for you too.

Once you become clear about these two things, you will begin to notice massive progress.

You’ll notice people responding to your work in a more positive way, it’ll be easier to come up with topics to speak on, blog about, and post about. It’ll become easier for you to help your “people” because now you actually and specifically know what they need.  Clarity around your “who” and “why” causes everything that comes after it to flow.

So, you may be wondering how do you get clear.  I definitely wouldn’t leave you hanging girl! I am sharing the “how to” below.

…BUT, before we go there I want to encourage you to be patient with yourself as you figure this all out.

Sometimes clarity doesn’t come right away.  For me it literally took a year or more.

I am not saying that it will take you that long but I do know that the more you listen to your “true voice” and honor what your “gut” is telling you the quicker these answers will come to you.

Okay so without further due:

The WHO. To discover the “who” you are helping/serving you want to ask yourself these two questions:

  • Who do I actually want to help?
  • Who can I help?

The WHY. To discover your “why” ask yourself:

  • What makes me excited about helping this person or group of people.
  • How am I personally connected to their progress or success?

Once you are clear on your who and why, I guarantee you will begin to notice massive progress.  If you are already clear on these things, share below OR if you have an idea of your who and why are share in the comments as well.

Until next time,

I love you like XO!



Author: Precious

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