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Because one of passions is to help you leverage your social media so you can stand out online, I’ve taken this month to give you more insight into how to use Instagram to your benefit. ¬†

Why Instagram?

1.  I LOVE the picture/video sharing aspect of Instagram and I find the platform to be very user-friendly

2.  Of all social networks, the customer engagement potential on Instagram is the highest. The user engagement on Instagram is 15 times more than Facebook and 40 times more engagement than Twitter.

With engagement potential being highest on Instagram, it only makes sense why you’d want to tap into this opportunity and why I’d want to help you do so ūüôā

So, I started this series with “Why you should be promoting your biz on Instagram“, continued with “Sharing the RIGHT pics on Instagram” and “How to Craft a Convert Crazy Instagram bio“.

Today I am concluding this series by sharing 3 tips on “How to Increase¬†Instagram Engagement”

As it relates to engagement, I know you may look at those who have 10’s of thousands of followers and “scratch your head” trying to figure out how you can get there too. ¬†But, what if I told you followers don’t matter as much as engagement?

It’s true. ¬†Likes and follows are great, but engagement is QUEEN!

Even if you have a couple hundred followers or only a couple thousand, but your followers are tuned into what you are saying and constantly responding to your content – you are WINNING!

If you have an engaged follower base this generally means that you are connecting in a way that you are providing a solution to their problems and/or are adding value to their lives.  

When you develop THIS kind of relationship with your followers, when it comes time to  present your product/service to them,  they will more likely than not be there ready to buy.

So the question is, how do you increase your Instagram user engagement?

Here’s three¬†methods that have worked pretty well for me:

Engagement tip 1: Give to receive. Simply put, you get engagement, by giving it. ¬†Just as you feel excited, appreciated and valued when someone engages with your post, so does everyone else. ¬†You most certainly can’t expect someone to like and comment on all of your pictures and you don’t extend the gesture back. ¬†So, if you want to foster engagement, how about initiating it first?

Me personally, I have set an intention to comment on/like at least 15-20 profiles per day. ¬†I¬†don’t just engage with random users though and you shouldn’t either. ¬†Be sure to look for people who are in your target audience and when leaving comments go for thoughtful, authentic, and personable over boring, lazy or cheesy.

Do this and you’ll begin to see traffic to your page increase – some of who will end up liking or commenting and others who won’t engage at all. ¬†Don’t worry about that though. ¬†Focus on building relationships, and initiating engagement and you will naturally get it back.

Engagement tip 2:¬†Be consistent. ¬†This may seem like a pretty obvious tip but again many Instagrammers miss the boat with this one. ¬†Because things on social media (and on your news feed) move so quickly, it’s easy for users to get distracted by the next photo or video in their feed. However, when you consistently share valuable content, your followers start to look forward to your posts. ¬†If you followers are looking forward to your posts, guess what? You’re on the right track to engaging them. ¬†There is still ONE additional step that you will want to take to get your followers to engage. Head down to the next tip where I share what this is.

Engagement tip 3. ¬†Include a question or call to action. ¬†If you really want to get your followers to engage with you/your offers/content you not only need to go after their engagement and be consistent with the content you share but you also want to give them a little guidance on how to engage. ¬†Without any direction, they’ll just read your post, maybe like it, and then scroll right to the next picture in their feed. ¬†Your goal is to stop them in their tracks. ¬†And the key to doing this is by sharing great content (a picture/video with a dope caption) and attaching a CTA (call to action).

A Call to Action is an instruction to your audience that¬†provokes an immediate response. ¬†Some examples are “click link to find out more”, “visit the store today”, tag me”etc. ¬†If your call to action is clear and relevant to your content and audience, your audience is likely to respond.

There’s one final thing I want to note re increasing Instagram engagement and that is this – it takes some time to begin to see results, so you want to keep at it. ¬†As you consistently give your audience valuable content, you’ll learn where to you need to make tweak to garner the most engagement and you’ll start seeing traction in no time.

Kay – that’s all I got.

Until next time and as always,

I love you like XO!


P.S. ¬†What other tips do you use to increase engagement? ¬†Have you found them useful? ¬†Share with us in the comments below. ¬†We’d love to learn more about what works.

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