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If you’ve been tuned in here you know that this month I’ve been sharing all about how to stand out on Instagram.  You can check out last weeks post here.

Today I am continuing this series with “How to Craft a Convert Crazy Instagram Bio (that will get you likes, follows, and sales).”

The Instagram bio might be most important and equally most overlooked part of the Instagram profile.

Many entrepreneurs and businesses miss the opportunity to connect with their audience or newcomers by leaving their bio empty or by not including relevant info. Though the Instagram bio is limited to 150 characters, a descriptive biography (along with appealing pics) can be the difference between a one-time profile view, a new follower, potential revenue or new opportunities for your brand.

Simply put – your Instagram bio is a powerful tool!  If used correctly, your bio will help you convert visitors to followers and followers to customers in no time.

So the question is how do you craft a “convert crazy” Instagram bio?

I thought you’d never ask 🙂

There’s no one way to craft the perfect IG bio, but here’s a few things you want to keep in mind:

  1. Craft your bio (and all of your content for that matters) with your audience in mind
  2. Make it clear who you are, who your business is, and how you can help your audience
  3. Use a few key/industry specific words that your audience can relate to
  4. Include a link to where your audience can connect with you/your service/product/community off of Instagram.

Ultimately, you want to use your bio to give your audience a better understanding about what your business does and how you can serve them. You only have one line for this information, so be sure to be as concise as possible.

Here are some examples of Goal-Getters that nail the Instagram bio:


In this bio, Fempreneur Stock, shares a few key things about her biz/services:

  • She helps female entrepreneurs
  • She helps them with visuals
  • Her visuals are great for female entrepreneurs who market online
  • She offers a stock photography membership program for her audience


Here, Nicaila Matthews, tells us who she is and how she helps her audience.  In her bio she’s sure to outline a few key things:

  • She hosts a podcast for “side hustlers”
  • She helps her audience with social media marketing and branding
  • You can find her and “Side Hustle Pro” apparel via the link in her bio


Dani of “The Clique” shows that she really understands her audience and uses the bio to share how they can benefit from being a part of The Clique.  In the bio she tells us:

  • The Clique is a network of Girl Bosses women who want more than a “9-5” life
  • The Clique network provides opportunities for Girl Bosses to connect and get inspired
  • The Clique offers business bootcamp programs for girl bosses looking to start or grow their biz

Okay so let’s recap…

To craft a “convert crazy” Instagram bio you want to do so keeping your audience in mind.   You want to include who you are, and how you can help them.  Don’t forget to use industry specific words and be sure to include info + a link to where they can connect with you, your products, services, or community.

Craft your bio using these tips and you’ll knock it out of the park with converting your visitors to followers!

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