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  The Her Story Rocks campaign highlights various aspects of the NOT so “glitz and glam” side of pursuing a business/passion and shares insight from ambitious, creative and goal getting women.

As we share the “real life” side of entrepreneurship it is my prayer that you are provided the tools and confidence to move past roadblocks, overcome obstacles and boldly go after what sets your soul on fire.

Join us here each week as we share empowering stories from amazing womanpreneurs and creatives who are on the move!

Tessa of Bella Creative speaks on Overcoming Obstacles…

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As we know, failure is part of the entrepreneurial journey. Share 3 ways you’ve failed while pursuing your business or passion. 

1. The first time I failed was after I made my first big investment which was for a designer. I had spent a lot of money and the project took a lot of time and energy. Unfortunately my “launch plan” sucked and when my site went live – I basically got zero traction and the return I wanted and needed. That means no clients.  

I wasn’t super clear on the Who I wanted to work with (I needed to dig deeper) and I wasn’t prepared for the time it was going to take and what exactly I was going to do. I needed to do some simplifying needless to say.

2. I have failed at being authentic. I was comparing myself to everyone online and forgetting my unique voice, skills and goals. It wasn’t intentional by any means, but I noticed it fairly quick based on the content I was developing. I immediately un-subscribed and un-followed like everyone and as they say #allthethings that weren’t aligned with my voice and my mission. I needed a break and to get clear quick.

3. Thankfully, I don’t believe I’ve had a “third” failure. 🙂

Of course “winning” is less about if you’ve failed and more about your ability to press forward. That said, what do you do/what tools do you use to ensure forward progress? 

I am a Project Manager and Lifestyle Mentor. I build and manage workflows for the dreamer, doer and perfectionist who finds herself feeling overwhelmed by the lack of organization and schedule she needs. I focus on building out efficient workflows to increase productivity and  time for self-care.

I manage my own workflows, schedule, and business as a whole with Trello, Asana and Google Drive.These 3 tools are what I consider a powerhouse together.

Tell me about a time when you were resistant to making changes that you knew would benefit your business/passion?  What caused the resistance?

I would say when I needed to cut back on how much time I was working in my business. I resisted because I am a reviewing control freak and perfectionist lol Bella Creative is my baby and it’s hard to trust someone with tasks that though tedious are the basic essentials.

In the past few months, what is the smallest change you’ve made that has had the biggest positive result?

I updated my client process recently and so far I am tracking time better and can do so more for my clients.

When things in your business and or personal life feel dull – how do you stay inspired? 

I journal, meditate, travel and make sure that I am consistent with creative hobbies to keep my juices flowing.

Share a quote, scripture, affirmation or mantra that has gotten you through challenging times.

“This too shall pass” is one of my many favorite quotes.

About Tessa
Tessa  helps dreamers, doers and perfectionists align their hustle and their lifestyle by building a strong workflow and efficient schedule that’s fits their reality.  Connect with Tessa on Instagram here and definitely visit her site to learn all about Bella Creative.

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