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Karlet Hewitt, better known as Forever Karley, is a kick-ass Accountability Coach at and happens to run a super supportive Facebook group for female entrepreneurs – Forever Inspired.  Karley and I connected online – Instagram to be exact – and I have been in love with the effort she puts into uplifting and empowering women.  When Karley and I connected for the Her Story Rocks campaign she was sure to mention that she wanted to share her experiences with balancing mommyhood and biz as this is something that she doesn’t get to talk about often.  Having said that, I’m super excited to have Karley as part of Her Story Rocks: Balancing Mommyhood and Entrepreneurship.  Without further due…

Precious: Finish this sentence: Mommyhood & entrepreneurship is like___

Karley: Raising two children at the same time.  My child is my priority. I’m constantly attending to his needs, showing compassion, love, support, discipline, financial responsibility. He depends on me, just like my business depends on me. I’m quite lucky to be a mother to an amazing little boy #Adam_N (yes, he has his own hashtag) who I gave birth in 2012 and 3 years later I gave birth to my business #FOREVERKARLEY.

Precious: I love how you said “raising two children at the same time” because birthing a biz is surely like birthing a baby.  Karley, What would you say was the greatest challengE you’ve experienced while building your biz and being a mom?

Karley: There are many times when I get so caught up in what I’m working on, I forget Adam is in his room playing. I literally have to tell myself, “get up from the computer”, “go talk with Adam”. For the longest time, I would feel guilty.  I would feel like I wasn’t putting him first or I wasn’t being a good mom because I was focusing on tending to my business. I’ve prayed about this time and time again! God revealed to me that in order to give him the very best life…wait a minute, let me say that again – in order to afford the education, create lifetime experiences to give my son the VERY best life”, I have to put in the work required.

What I do now is invite Adam to come into my office space to sit with me.  He acts as “my little helper” as he likes to call it. If you are  mom who struggles with this I highly recommend you try this method as well.

I realized that involving Adam in my biz gives him early insight of how to run a business. He’s actually gained several skills already.  He knows how to operate the printer/scanner.

Precious: Are there any systems (formal or informal) or tools that you implemented to help better manage your business as a mother?

Oh yeah! I’m so grateful for Apple products.  My iPhone is a major contributor to maintaining balance and sanity in my life and business.  My calendar app is #1. Adam has his own calendar so I can keep track of all his toddler friendly events.

I also use the notes section frequently.  It allows me to brain dump on the go.  Being a creative, I always have ideas flying around. Whether at a soccer game or doctors appointment. I always make it a point to jot down my thoughts in my notes.

Precious: Yes, I love my Apple calendar and notes as well. Karley, ARe there any major biz sacrifices that you have to make as a mother?

Karley: Of course!  As a mompreneur, learning to say no and declining events was a major struggle for me.  Before I had my son are used to go where I wanted, when I wanted, and whenever I wanted without having to really manage my time. I could schedule myself to go out on Thursday, Friday,  Saturday and Sunday and also do mid-week drink sessions to catch up with people and to network.  As a mom, it’s a bit different, and now I don’t schedule myself back to back.  I have to make time for my son and my family.

There are also times when a business opportunity may present itself and the cost is a major factor in the reason why I can’t participate.  As an entrepreneur, I front the cost for everything related to business and so sometimes there are things I want to purchase that I have to wait on because, again, Adam comes first

Precious: What would you say expecting mompreneurs should keep in mind (or be thinking about, as it relates to running their biz) before their little one arrives?

Karley: I would tell her to definitely prioritize and to not be so hard on herself. You can’t be everywhere all the time,  you can’t be everything to everyone and your family comes first. Your baby(s) comes first and though your business is equally as important, you have to tend to his or her needs first.

I would tell her to mind her home finances and then focus on the business because without a home to go back to, what are you really working for? I would tell her never to neglect her business or ever delay her dreams because she is a mom.

The key is to prioritize what’s important to her and always keep that pink sparkling, glitter cape within arm’s reach so when she needs to grab it she has it available for some #emergencymommyenergy.

(We really are superheroes you know!) LOL

Precious: LOL! I love that and those were def major keys you shared! What’s your BEST tip for keeping it all together as a mompreneur?

Karley: Girl praying… never ever ever leave God out of the equation. He created the blueprint for us, we just have to follow it.  He is the beginning and the end. As long as we always tap into our faith and maintain our spiritual health, I mean everything else will just fall into place.

Everyday won’t be easy but keep God at the forefront of that blueprint and you never go wrong my lady!

Precious: Yes, I agree with that 100%. Okay so, you know I can’t leave without learning more about the little love of your life…So let’s hear it:

Precious: How old is he?

Karley: My little sunshine is four years old going on 40. He is absolutely amazing, a very smart boy.

Precious: What activities does he/she most enjoy?

Karey: He’s completely in love with trains.  We watch Chuggington and Thomas and Friends. He knows all about the Acela train, Locomotives, Passenger and Steam engine trains….. you name it. He’s a total trainiac (sort of like a brainiac) and I love it! I mean, we do live in front of the train station after all , so I guess it all makes perfect sense. Lol

Precious: What is his latest developmental milestone?

Karley: Right now he’s at a stage where he just likes reading everything to the point where if he’s next to me I have to hide my phone because he’ll read my text messages out loud. He reads all the signs on the highway, all the store signs, street signs. I’ll be like OK Adam that’s enough but you know he is really really intelligent and I mean I love it.

I like to encourage him, I’m like read baby Reeeeeaaaad.

He’s also into really asking people what their names are.  So everywhere we go he’ll be like “hi I’m Adam, this is my mom“, “what’s your name?”, “nice to meet you”

He’s really into introducing himself to everybody and making sure everyone knows who he is. I guess he gets that from his mom!

awww that’s so sweet! One last question karley.  If someone were wanting to pursue a biz or career as an accountability coach, what 3 steps would you recommend they take?

Karley:  If someone was interested in launching a coaching business, I would suggest:

  • Attending a certified training program in order to gain the knowledge and necessary skills on how to deal with a variety of clients and their circumstances.
  • I would also highly suggest hiring a coach. Every coach has a coach to keep them on track and in alignment with their business goals, and
  • Lastly I would say do lots of networking and research in the field you’re interested in.

ThaT’s GReat Advice.  Thanks so much karley for sharing your story with us and best wishes as you continue to do the darn thang while balancing mommyhood and biz!

About Karley

Karley, is the Chief Executive Motivator & Lifestyle Manager of  Karley specializes in Accountability Coaching and developing personalized programs for women seeking meaningful and realistic goal setting.  Karley is very passionate about working with women who are ready to kick it up a notch and put in the work to live a more fulfilling life.

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