Without a shadow of a doubt, Cardi B had her best & most authentic year this year.   And as we sat on the sidelines witnessing her glow – many of us were left saying to ourselves “damnnnnn I want to experience  that”.   I mean from topping the charts, to fixing her teeth, to killing her style, to silencing the haters, to selling out shows, and getting with Offset,  Cardi did the damn thang!

Honestly, her glow-up was so crazy that I HAD to dedicate a post to share ways you can get your Cardi B glow on too!  NOW when we really look at what Cardi actually did  – outside of work her ass off –  it comes down to a few simple but powerful things:

  • She never once apologized for being herself
  • Even when people doubted her, she continued to pursue the work that she absolutely loves
  • She never held back her true thoughts and feelings
  • She was clear about what she wanted for her life
  • She didn’t allow criticism or outside judgement to dim her light
  • She was clear about what she wanted/didn’t want in a man when deciding to get with Offset
  • She  kept a grateful heart – always giving God praise & glory for her blessings

I truly believe every person on this earth has to capacity to experience what Cardi B experienced, but generally happens is we get in our own way.  Instead of going boldly and unapologetically toward our own glow up, here’s what we do:

  • we don’t say ‘yes’ to the things we really want and ‘no’ to things that don’t serve us
  • we allow others to silence our voice
  • instead of owning who we are, we compare ourselves to others
  • we don’t take action to feel good about our day-to-day reality
  • we stay in various circles even when we can’t completely be ourself
  • we hide aspects of who we really are
  • we spend our time doing work that un-fulfilling or uninspiring

The  beauty is this, once you have awareness of how you may be sabotaging yourself you are in a good place to shift. So, if you’re ready for your shift so you too can get your Cardi B glow up on, I am sharing 5 questions that will help you gain clarity on next steps.  Trust, these are probably questions that Cardi asked herself at some point in her life too, so go ahead and dig into them.

1. What do I really want for my life?

I know this question is pretty broad but if you really want that Cardi B glow-up it’s really important to figure out what you REALLY want for yourself and your life.  To begin exploring this you can list out all the things that make you feel good, the things that feel right, and all the things that you’ve always wanted to do, be, or have.  You gotta get clear about what you want.

2. What are the basics that I can’t live without?

Me personally,  I can’t live without a peace of mind, healthy foods and experiences, sunshine, healthy friendships, doing work that I love, etc.  These things are what literally make me happy and are what drive me each day.  Because I know this, I have literally built my life to include all of these things. So, for yourself really think about the things that you absolutely can’t live without and list them out.

3. What would I be happy to give up to get to where I am going?

Think about the things that you honestly would give up, if you had to or could. I know when I was creating my best life, I gave up anything that didn’t make me feel good.  I gave up clothes, I relocated to another state, I left friendships behind and more. What are the things you would be happy to give up?  Write them all down!

4.  What would I love to do more of?

Aside from considering what you would give up, take a moment to really think about what you would love to do more of? Would you love to write more, dance more, sleep more?  How about your appearance – would you love to get fly more often, wear bold lipstick, or dress down more?  Would you love to take more trips, brunch more, or chill more?  What are some things you would love to do on a more consistent basis?  Write them down.

5. Where do I love spending time?

Do you like doing things in groups or in front of crowds or more intimate settings?  Do you like outdoors or indoors?  Do you love outside adventures?  Do you love musical festivals, museums, chilling at home, or hanging with girlfriends?  With who and where do you love spending time?

6. What are the stories you want to be telling your grandkids?

What has been your greatest achievements? Where have you been?  What mark have you left on the world?  What have you stood for? What were your nonnegotiable’s?  What causes and things mattered most to you?

I do know how hard it can be to really go after the life you want,  but as Cardi and many others have proved, it is VERY POSSIBLE!  Of course there’s no magical wand that you can wave, but with a little clarity and by taking intentional steps you’ll get there girl!  I know you will and I all the way believe in you!

Do you believe too but still feel like you need support with getting to your glow?

I get it and am happy to chat with you! Feel free to book a 30 minute connection call with me so we can talk about where you feel stuck and ways that I can help you!

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