Okay girl-bosses,  it’s spring cleaning time and on the blog we’re sharing all about how you can “Let Go  to Level Up”.  I’m super excited about this series because we’re going to cover some of those hard to talk about topics  like jealousy, insecurity, comparison, fear, and so on.  

Now that April is here I’m sure you’ve already been thinking about what you can release so that you can move toward the next phase of your life and or business. 

So if insecurity is one of the things you’ve been battling with, I’m sharing a few ways ditch it so that you can take charge in your life and biz.

Before I go there, let me say this –

Feelings of insecurity is common and in fact Bustle.com talks about how insecurity is really a natural part of the human experience.

Here are some ways to go from insecure to in charge:

Think positively

Livestrong.com says choose your thoughts wisely.  The article reveals you have the power to give your mind the directions to do the right thing. In her book, Adventures For Your Soul, Shannon Kaiser said, “what we believe on the inside is always manifested on the outside”.

So your negative thoughts about yourself, your skills or your life isn’t just you beating yourself up. You are also bringing that negativity to fruition.

Practice positive thinking. Try my favorite affirmation: I am enough. Speak positively to and about yourself.

Ask the tough questions

In response to a reader question about insecurity and doubt, Dr. Deepak Chopra on Oprah.com says asking yourself why you feel this way can help find an answer to feeling better and taking charge.  

Don’t just say I feel shitty. Ask yourself: why? Why do you feel shitty? Did something happen? Are you letting little things derail you and your progress? Write your questions and responses in your journal. Sometimes the things that come up and out might surprise you and reveal something you might not be willing to admit out loud.  

Know that it’s OK to feel this way

In the article, 11 Things to Tell Yourself When You’re Feeling Insecure, #1 on the list was “It’s ok to feel insecure sometimes”. There’s nothing wrong with feeling insecure. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a strong person.

Beating yourself up because you feel insecure only makes it worse. Deal with the feelings when they come. Recognize why you are feeling that way and keep pushing through. In Adventures For Your Soul, Shannon Kaiser also said you aren’t your problems. Your insecurity does not define who you are.

Challenge yourself and build your courage

Take chances and do something you are scared to try. My boyfriend always tells me, “You never know unless you try”.

I think that’s a great way to approach any situation that has you feeling insecure or doubtful. Just try it. You never know what might happen.  And in those situations when things go great, it will help to build your courage. Remember what you believe on the inside manifests on the outside.  So believe you can crush it and you will.

Spring is a time of change and transition. If you’ve fallen into a rut for the first quarter of the year, now might be the time to take a step back, review your approach and find a way to move forward.  

How are you planning to level up? I’d love to hear your tips on how you have dealt with or overcome insecurity.

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Author: Renee Desuza

Renee DeSuza is the freelance writer and virtual assistant behind DeSuza & Co. She works with savvy bloggers and boss ladies who need help with their businesses. Outside of her business, Renee spends time with her son or catching up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

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