I’ll be honest, the more connected we have become (via the internet, social media, etc.) the more disconnected I’ve begun feeling.  Most times I truly do love hanging out online, but  my soul had begun yearning to escape the internet overwhelm.

Every time I would think about “getting offline” I’d immediately question “how the hell I was supposed to do that” when I own, run and manage a digital platform?…From there the conversation in my head would always go the same.  I’d start rationalizing my “staying online” despite everything in me that was saying I need a break.

Now I  know you may be thinking –  “come on girl, it’s really not that deep, just take a break”. Trust me I get it.

I  thought it wasn’t that deep either until I found myself feeling pressure as I tried to keep up with social posts, comments, engagements, etc. And again, because I have a digital platform I hope to grow, I used that as justification to stay.  I realized the other reason I clung to “social” was because of this:

I feared that if I got offline, I would “be forgotten” and I equated being forgotten with being unsuccessful.  So I guess if I am completely honest, part of my pull to stay online was the fear that I wouldn’t “make it” any other way. Crazy, I know :/

The only problem was, my hesitation to disconnect did nothing but cause me to grow even more overwhelmed.  After a while, the overwhelm got so bad, that I had no choice but to follow what I had been feeling all along.  When I say, “I had no choice”, what I mean is that the overwhelm turned to intense anxiety and the anxiety was so bad that I couldn’t muster up a post if I wanted to.

So, I did it.  I broke away from social media.

Now, I didn’t do a complete (delete apps/make no posts) breakaway.  It honestly felt like too much to think that far or deep. So instead of focusing on going cold turkey – and all that would potentially come with that decision – I simply chose to focus on what felt most natural moment to moment.  I asked myself what I need to feel grounded, well, and just overall good.  And to sum it up, self-care, self-care, and more self-care is what I came up with.  So I stopped focusing on “social media” and did this:

Got back into my Personal health/wellness

I am actually a Certified  Holistic Health Coach and Expert and I loveee all things health and wellness.  I realized that I had drifted too far away from my own personal care and my body felt every bit of that “drift”.  So, I immediately got back to cooking, praying, working out and meditating.  I actually removed my computer and phone from my room each night.  I did this so that I when I woke each morning I wouldn’t have the urge to jump right online.  I took that time to pray/meditate and then took time to prepare myself tea (most days) and to have a healthy breakfast.  I also used the quiet time to read more.  I began reading my bible and also my devotionals each morning.

I planned a staycation

Planning a stay-cation was one of the best things I did during that time. I really felt like I needed a change of scenery, so I booked myself a king suite at the Embassy Suites in Cobb County, Georgia.  I called out of work for one day (I had the rest of the days off) and I literally just chilled for 4 days.  During this time I binge watched some of my favorite shows, took walks during the day, cried some, rested a lot, and enjoyed healthy meals each day. I had such a good restful time.

I should add that the Embassy’s homemade omelets, cute decor, cozy couch, and amazing staff at made my stay one to remember.  I’ll definitely be back there when I need another moment of R&R.

I scheduled time to meet with people offline

There were several people who I’ve been meaning to connect with but I kept telling myself I was too busy.  I realized that me not getting together with people was less about my schedule and more about how I was managing it.  I was so tied to the computer that I felt like it was a crime to break away.  However, during my “break”, I focused on connecting and I also spent more time hanging out with my cousin.  Since the weather is pretty good in Georgia now, her (in the pic above) and I decided to hit the park a few days and go to a few local events.  As you may imagine, this was all tons of fun.

All in all my time off of social media was time well spent.  Even though I didn’t make break away completely, shifting my focus from online to doing things offline made the world of a difference.

When I decided to make that shift, what I really did was step away from the fear of “losing an audience” and the pressures of  “staying visible”.  I simply got back to doing the things that I enjoy. And of course, I feel much more rejuvenated and FREE!

There was also a bonus to my getting offline…

What I didn’t realize was that the break would allow me to gain the necessary clarity that I needed for the next steps in my biz…and hey, maybe that was what the whole purpose anyways. If so, I’m cool with that 🙂

So what about you – have you taken a break from social?  How has staying connected and engaging online been for you?  I’d love to know what your experiences have been.  Feel free to share away with me in comments 🙂

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Author: Precious

Welcome! I'm Precious - Blogger and Certified Wellness Practitioner.

I founded Rock Your Reality for women, like yourself, looking to live your BEST and AUTHENTIC life! Here you'll can find content centered around alignment, wellness, fearlessness, confidence and self-awareness - all things you need to show up to life fully and authentically!

When not blogging, I enjoy having smoothie bowls and salads at local health food joints, teaching mediation & practicing yoga, turning up with girlfriends, indulging in dark chocolate & having red wine :).

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3 thoughts on “What I did to Escape Social Media Overwhelm

  1. I too struggle with how I’m suppose to be engaged online when I desperately want to log out. I know exactly how you felt about everything listed in this post. So eventually what i started doing was; i’ll stay logged out from at least one of my social media handle on a regular basis, sometimes I cheat but whenever I feel like i’m too involved online and not as much offline i go searching for balance. I no longer feel the need to snachat my every move, or post my every thought on Facebook. I pop in on IG pretty often because I don’t feel like its that time consuming unlike the other handles. But, balance is key. I seriously miss the days where we all lived full lives offline and people didn’t know about us unless they KNOW us personally. I’m praying for you and I and everyone else that is a creative in the digital world yet crave the balance to connect with our friends and family offline. XO God bless!

    Posted on May 15, 2017 at 11:54 am
  2. I just so so so so love YOU!!! Wrote something along the same lines, when I felt this way. Everything is so on point!!! Keep Going Queen, I love what you do!

    Posted on May 20, 2017 at 11:13 pm
    1. FORGIVE MY DELAY!!! and thanks so much 🙂 I appreciate all of your warm, positive energy and grateful for your support love!! 🙂

      Posted on July 20, 2017 at 4:50 pm