I’ll be honest, the more connected we have become (via the internet, social media, etc.) the more disconnected I’ve begun feeling.  Most times I truly do love hanging out online, but  my soul had begun yearning to escape the internet overwhelm.

Every time I would think about “getting offline” I’d immediately question “how the hell I was supposed to do that” when I own, run and manage a digital platform?…From there the conversation in my head would always go the same.  

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Among the narrative that’s shared on what it takes to “achieve your dreams”, is the message that you have to “work your ass off”.  You’ll hear many successful biz “experts” share things like  “if you want results, you gotta put in the work,  you must hustle hard, and push through the rough times to achieve your dreams”.

Admittedly,  I have subscribed to such lifestyle, and have even shared those same messages with my audience and readers;

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