When I started my first business back in 2010-2011, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  At the time all I knew was I wanted to create positive ripples in the world and I saw my entrepreneurial endeavors as the way I would do so.

With a deep desire to use my passion and gifts to help others become the best they could be, I jumped out there to launch my first biz.  

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I remember when I had my first business I tried to do everything by myself.  I didn’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of, anyone to hold me accountable, anyone to assist me with small projects, anyone to read over my material and I had very few people to provide moral support.

When I say I tried to be superwoman, I’m not kidding…smh!

Not only was that an epic fail, but it led to EPIC OVERWHELM.

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When it comes to putting our mark on the world, women like Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, Oprah and Beyonce have proven that we know how to do the damn thing just like the men do. When we put our minds to something, there’s no stopping us. We are goal getters and girl bosses. 2016 was a year to remember; from Serena Williams winning 2016 Wimbledon Championship to women slaying at the Rio Olympics.

For this post,

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