While happiness is a rather subjective concept, it’s something that almost every single last person I know desires.  I mean let’s be honest,  what’s to life if you aren’t happy??? I’m sure you’re like “yes, exactly”, BUT the truth is there are so many people who are living a less than desirable life.

Of course happiness  comes and goes, but I believe you can live a life full of zest and bliss.

In my own pursuit of finding my happy,

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When I started my first business back in 2010-2011, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  At the time all I knew was I wanted to create positive ripples in the world and I saw my entrepreneurial endeavors as the way I would do so.

With a deep desire to use my passion and gifts to help others become the best they could be, I jumped out there to launch my first biz.  

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Over the past few weeks here on the blog, we’ve covered dealing with insecurity, letting go of comparison, dealing with jealousy and clearing your life of the low-key haters. Working on these issues are great steps in taking on a winner’s mindset.

There is no going forward if you are laden with negative thoughts and toxic people. It’s rough, I know. You’ll get uncomfortable, you’ll lose friendships and even isolate family members but this life is yours to live.  

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