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I’m Precious – ¬†Certified Wellness Coach, Blogger &¬†Founder of Rock Your Reality blog, shop and brand.

Rock Your Reality is an inspirational powerhouse and wellness hub for women, like yourself, looking to


Since you landed here, chances are you are excited to find tools to help you own your truth, improve your personal well-being, align with purpose, practice self-care, strengthen your confidence and do pretty much everything you need to have a truly feel good living experience. 

If so, you’re in the right place!

Our content is centered around all things holistic wellness, authenticity, alignment, and unashamedness!

As you connect with our stories, blogs and vlogs my prayer is that you’d find tools, resources and courage needed to live your best and authentic life!

My hope is that as you find your happy space you’d help other women to do the same. ¬†

My wish is that you’d know the power in embracing the present moment and know that it’s never too late to¬†ROCK YOUR REALITY.

Thanks for stopping past and I look forward to connecting again soon!

XO – Precious


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We All Have a Story – Here’s Mine ūüôā

I launched my blog and business РRock Your Reality Рabout 1 year and a half, after experiencing one of my most challenging life experiences.   In 2014 I lost my job, car, and house Рwithin a matter of weeks Рand let go of my Nutrition and Wellness company. During this time, I felt extremely lost.

I spent the year beating myself up, tearing myself down, and questioning my life choices.   I wondered how I had 2 degrees (B.A. in Sociology from Hampton U and M.A. in Applied Sociology from American U) and a certification (Holistic Health and Wellness Cert from Institute for Integrative Nutrition) but was dead broke and darn near homeless.

I was ashamed to go from having it ‘all together’ to barely making it and was determined to hide this reality. My ambitious nature told me that I could just hustle out of my slump and onto the ‘next thing’. However, no matter how hard I worked or how much I pushed, things simply wouldn’t let up.

I cried more than I think I ever had and came to know anxiety and depression for the first time.

I knew there had to be a piece of the ‘life puzzle” that I wasn’t getting and so in my despair I prayed and sought clarity like never before.

When I began to release myself from the negative hold that self judgement had on me, I was able to see my experiences for the lessons they came to teach – lessons of shamelessness, stillness and self-care.

And as I began to do the inner-work necessary to be able to ‘live my authentic and best life’, I became deeply passionate about helping other women do the same.


To give women the tools they need to show up to live fully, authentically and unapologetically.


Holistic wellness

Holism is a huge piece of the work we do.  We know that empowered women are WELL women and so we strive to provide women with tools and resources to help them nourish their mind, body, and soul.


We believe that authenticity is the true guiding light of happiness.  We help women connect with their truest selves so that they can honestly and unashamedly live their best and authentic life.


Whether she’s showing up for a date, a networking event or an interview, we believe a woman should have a subtle boldness about her… a boldness that says – I am me, I’m okay with me, and I don’t mind making my presence known. We provide her with opportunities and resources to do so.