If you’ve been checking my Instagram lately you will have noticed that I was kicking it in LA a few weeks ago.  Well – I wouldn’t say I was completely kicking it being that I was there for a work gig. However, because my work hours were 4:45am to 11am  – CRAZY I KNOW –  I had lot’s of time for leisure and fun 🙂

If I could quickly recap my trip I’d say my 18 days in LA were filled with some adventure, lots of relaxation, a bit of fun and of course food.

There’s certainly tons more to “tell” about my time in LA (and I will def share more in following posts) but today I wanted to share 6 absolute essentials for an extended LA stay.

essential #1: A CUTE jacket

Okay so of course I checked the forecast before heading to LA and when I saw the weather projected to be mid 70’s to low 80’s and sunny, I was like yassssss!  When I was packing I was sure to include my work gear, some beach gear and sun friendly pieces, a few kick back items, and few “night life” items.  Luckily, I also packed 2 light jackets because I DEFINITELY needed them.

What I didn’t know about LA was that even though the daytime temperature is usually pretty nice, it gets rather chilly at night.  Now, if you’re like me and you hate being cold, you know why having a jacket is a must.  I do kinda wish I would’ve packed more jackets,  but it was all good because my American Eagle destroyed denim jacket – pictured above – held me down.  I actually got this jacket in college (about 13 years ago – yikes) and so if you go looking for it I doubt you’ll find it.  However, this jacket is one of my most versatile/trusty pieces and because it’s stood the test of time, I’ve become huge fan of American Eagle denim.  Yes, even until this day American Eagle is killing it with the destroyed denim jean jackets, and so if you’re in the market for one – check this one out here.  

essential #2: Beach Gear/Attire

LA has a ton of beaches and so if you’re going there for a short or extended period of time, you’ll definitely want to have some cute beach attire. While there I hit Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and Venice Beach. I didn’t lay out too much (it wasn’t hot enough for me yet) but I was bathing suit ready just in case. I did however, take a long walk on the beach, play in the water a bit and just enjoy the beautiful and peaceful vibe.   The pic above is from one of my beach days.

Essential # 3: $50-$100 for Rubios Coastal Grill

If you’re in LA, Rubios Coastal Grill is a MUST TRY! Not only is the food beyond delicious/fresh, the staff is super friendly (at least the Sepulveda Blvd location) and the manager is AWESOME!

To give you an idea what you’re in for…

Rubios is sort of like Chipotle, serving wraps, bowls, salads, chips, salsa, and guacamole, but if you ask me Rubios it’s 10 times better! *To be clear, this is not to discredit Chipotle because I swear I do love me some Chipotle.. but HUNTY RUBIOS!!!!! [insert moment of silence].

When I say EVERYTHING I tried from their menu was amazing, I mean EVERYTHING. The fish tacos were cooked and seasoned to perfection and the fish was super fresh. The chicken California bowl was another fave.  Honestly, I can’t even explain the experience I had when eating this bowl – the layers of flavors, perfect texture of the chicken, the freshness of all the ingredients and the chipotle sauce that dresses bowl was just the perfect addition. Then there was the fried shrimp burrito – again, a smash hit –  it super fresh, super flavorful, and very nourishing.

My experience at Rubios  was sooo GREAT that I ate there several times a week and told  all of my coworkers about them.  Needless to say, my co-workers found themselves eating at Rubios several times a week as well.  One final S/O to Rubios Rubios Rubios – I totally should invest stock in this company lol


If you plan to be in LA (or on any other place for that matters) for an extended period of time you’ll want to get a hotel that has a laundry facility on-site. If not, you’ll at least want to be aware of where the local wash and fold is.  Why?  Because why run the risk of packing way too much stuff and having to deal with baggage overage fees.  Who has time for that?  I know I don’t!  lol

I’ll be honest though – even by packing “smart” and with the intention of washing and re-wearing some of my items, I still cut it close.  When I placed my bag on the scale it weighed in at 49 lbs, just one pound below the weight restriction of 50 lbs.  Do you now see why I say getting a hotel with a laundry facility is essential?   Oh and don’t forget to get quarters and laundry detergent when you get there.


LA has so much culture that I’d hate for you to miss out on it.

I really didn’t check out the LA transportation system but what I do know is that things aren’t near each other.   So if you really want to explore a bit, you’ll need a car. BUT I wouldn’t suggest any car – I highly recommend a fuel-efficient vehicle, such as the Ford Fusion Hybrid.

I rented this car for the first time a few months back (before this LA trip) and absolutely fell in love with it.  I LOVE it so much that I’m darn near ready to trade my car in and get one. lol

One of the major highlights of the Ford Fusion is how fuel-efficient it is.   I drove all around LA for nearly 3 weeks on ONE TANK OF GAS.  Yes you read that right. And if that’s not enough, here’s what else there is to love about the hybrid – it rides super smooth, it’s eco friendly, and it’s very cozy on the inside. Every time I got inside, I felt GREAT! This vehicle honestly made my LA experience an even more enjoyable one.


You’ll def need some dope shades to blend in with all the LA celebrities AND duck the paparrazi (I kid lol).  As I mentioned above, it does get pretty sunny during the day and you definitely don’t want to kill your eyes trying to see. I brought two pair of shades with me but I wore the ones’s in the pic most of my time in LA.  You can get a pair of these or some dope ones like this from Fashion Freak Nec Vintage.

Okay – that’s all folks! Have you been to LA lately or in the past? What were some must-haves for you? I’m sure there’s something I missed and so I’d love to build upon this list.


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