Hey there Goal Getter,

I know as a new or rising entrepreneur, social media, and all that comes with it can sometimes be really overwhelming.  With there being over 96 sites, and 20 of those popular, it’s no wonder something as simple as choosing the “right” platform can seem like a chore.

Then it’s like, once you decide on the platform that works best for you and your biz, you’re then stuck trying to learn all the necessary rules so that you’re NOT just “spinning your wheels”.

In my opinion – and if you’re not careful – social media can actually be like a beast that sucks you in, steals your time and energy, and leaves you frustrated and confused.  That is, IF you’re not careful!

And let’s face it…

As a new entrepreneur – 9 times out of ten – you’re not being careful *face palm*.

I mean, I get it.

Who’s really thinking about “how not to be sucked in by the social media gawds” when you’re out here trying to let the world know that you exist.

I really do get it, but here’s what I MUST to tell you…

If the only goal you set for your social media marketing is to “promote and build your business” you’re NOT going to get to the MONEY LAND anytime soon.

Why? Because that’s just TOO general of a goal.

Setting an intention so general will only leave you stuck, frustrated and going in circles.

I know me telling you this may have you feeling “over it” and ready to give up on social media completely, ESPECIALLY if you’ve already realized that there’s something missing from your approach.

However, I wouldn’t suggest you throw in the towel just yet!

I know you CAN WIN with social media marketing, you just need to tweak your approach.  Once you do that, you’ll be well on your way to having a prosperous social media relationship!

And of course I want to help, so today I’m sharing 5 common things new entrepreneurs struggle with when marketing on social media.  

Now you may not think highlighting your struggles will be of any help to you, but trust me once you read what I’ve outlined below, you’re gonna have way more clarity on the shifts you need to make to start seeing results from ALL the work you put into creating and sharing content online.   PLUS – I threw in some tips to help you better market yourself and your biz right away.

So without further due…

Number 1: You don’t know your audience.

This is BIGGY! If you don’t know who you target audience or target client is, it’ll be hard to gain traction online.  You have to be very clear about who you are marketing to.  There’s a saying that I always loved – “everyone’s friend is no one’s friend”.  This applies to business as well, “everyone’s client is no one’s client”.  What I mean by this is that if you’re marketing to a general audience then chances are you’re missing your mark.  What you want is loyal, engaged, dedicated, and on fire for all things “YOU” customers and clients.  In order for this to happen, you’ll need to know your audience and you’ll also need to know what makes them tick.

If you need help figuring out your audience, check out this blog post and start there.

Number 2: You spread yourself too thin.

This is another BIGGY! I remember when I first started using social media to market my business I felt this immense pressure to be everywhere at once.  I listened to those who shared expertise on how to manage the various platforms and I jumped on each platform trying to mirror their advice. You know what happened? I overwhelmed myself and I did it quickly. There literally were not enough hours in a day to manage all of that content (alone).  I soon realized that I needed to choose the social media site(s) that I was most comfortable with and the one(s) that worked best for my business. And that’s what I did.

If you’re unsure about what platform is best for you, I suggest testing the ones that you’re interested in out.  Check to see where you get most engagement, where you feel most comfortable, where you have most fun and go from there.

When I did this for myself, it didn’t take me long to realize that Instagram was it.  With Instagram I love the fact that most users are looking for brands like you and me. I love how it works well for sharing pictures to tell a story about yourself or your brand. I also love that it’s great for sharing links to content, offers, lists, etc. and I found that I get most engagement on Instagram. So when I considered all those things, it was a no brainer that IG would be the primary platform that I’d use.

Number 3: You don’t spread yourself wide enough. 

While I don’t recommend being active on every single social media platform, everyday.  I do suggest that you share some content on other platforms.  Here’s an example of what I mean… If you’re primary account is Instagram, but you also have  a Facebook page, you can share your Instagram posts to Facebook.  You do want to be careful not to have your accounts completely mirror each other, so be sure to drip new content to your other accounts every now and again as well.  This may seem like a lot to manage but you can use a tool like Hootesuite  or CoSchedule to make managing more than one account easier.

Finally,  don’t forget to invite your friends to join you on the platform where you’re most active.  Be sure to let them know the value that they’ll get by following you on your primary account.

Number 4: You think you by posting on social media you’ll magically start to make money.

While there is GREAT potential to make money while marketing on social media, it’s not that simple.  It takes time, consistency, and you definitely need a strategy.  You need to be strategic about the content you post and how that content will eventually link to the sale.

Here’s an example…

You can share a jam-packed blog post that speaks to the needs of your audience and their needs.  Now when they click on and read they’re like “hell yeah,  thank you! I love her”.  lol  In that same post, you may include a link to a next step where you will further help meet their needs.   Because you’ve already given them so much and you’ve outlined how you can help them, they’ll be super ready to clink your link to buy into your offer.

The point here is this – making money requires some forethought and planning.  You can’t just bust online thinking you’re going to have a multi-million dollar business.  You gotta be smart and you gotta be strategic.

Number 5: You’re not putting out quality work. 

While I don’t believe in being a perfectionist, (no everything doesn’t need to be perfect, especially if you’re just starting out) I do believe in doing the best you can with the resources you have.  You can’t use being a “newbie” as an excuse to not give your best. It’s just not fair to your audience and it really ends up being a waste of your time.

The thing is this, we always get back what we put out and the reality is “If you don’t care about what you’re selling, why should the person you’re trying to sell too?”  

So, if you haven’t been putting out your best work, I really encourage you to take some time to invest in yourself, your company, and brand.  Think about the feeling you want people to get when they come in contact with you online? Is what you’re putting out consistent with your greatest desire of how you want your peeps to see you? If not, what do you need to adjust?

Now, if you’re read this post and are thinking “omg – this is me” don’t beat yourself up too badly.  The challenges I outlined are challenges that most rising entrepreneurs have experienced, myself included.  The good news is, you can certainly better market yourself on social media and you can simply start by using the suggestions that I provided above.

If you still feel like you need further and specific guidance, I encourage you to stay tuned as I’ll be sharing lots more to help you become”social media savvy”.  Now, if you’re like, “bump this – I need help now” send me a quick message and I’ll be happy to look at where you need assistance and share how I can help you.

Until next time and as always,

I love you like XO!



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