Lady love,

When you’re working,  pushing toward your goals, and receive little return on your investment, “winning”, can seem so abstract. I mean, I get it!  You’re devoting all of your time, energy, and money to your dream or business and the fruits of your labor just don’t add up.  You feel like your breakthrough is on the way, but the slow progress causes doubt to set in. You wonder if all of the sacrifices you’re making is really even worth it.

On top of that you have the wonderful world of social media.

You get to see all the wonderful things your friends are doing and you witness God moving in their lives. This naturally makes you ask “what about me?”  “What about my dreams?” “Does God hear my prayers?”

To  answer you – Yes he does!  He knows your hearts desires and He hears your request.  Trust He does!  But dig this lady love, it is HIS WAY and HIS TIME.   Not yours, not mine, but His.

I’ve seen lack of patience kill many dreams but I know that won’t be the case for you.  So while you’re waiting and trusting God’s timing here’s 5 major things you will need to WIN:

  1. FAITH – you must have faith that your vision and your desires are yours for a reason.  God knows your heart – He gave you it!  When you feel doubt it’s always a good idea to connect with someone who believes in you and who will encourage you to keep going.  Whatever you do keep the faith and don’t quit!  Faith is what separates winners from the rest.
  2. BELIEF – you need to really really believe in yourself and your dreams. You need to believe so much so that you’d show up everyday to do the work, even if you knew you wouldn’t see results for 10+ years. You really gotta believe!
  3. WORK ETHIC – You can’t get around this. You have to do the work! No one can do it for you. Thing is, work comes in many forms and sometimes you “doing the work” is you being open to take the time to wait on God for your next steps. It is very possible to work your butt off, only to find yourself going the wrong way.  If you truly want to win you have to do the work,  even if that means putting a pause on your plan to stop and follow Gods plan!
  4. A PLAN – Speaking of plans, you need a plan and you need to get good at planning.  I find that most rising entrepreneurs and creatives get stumped early on because they never planned properly. I have even been guilty of this myself. When I first started my creative career I’d go from project to project with no real end goal in mind. The reality is you can’t go anywhere far without a plan of action.  So, before you launch your next project, venture or event, ask yourself these questions:
    • what do I want to happen as a result of my launch?
    • What are my launch week goals?
    • Where do I plan to market?
    • Who do I want to impact?
    • What are my financial goals?
    • What are my email list building goals?
  5. COCONUT OIL – Yes you need coconut oil. Why?  Well because if you use coconut oil, you’re definitely winning! 🙂

I know it’s hard when you’re trying to make your dreams a reality but keep the faith, work hard, and plan your way to the top.  You’re time is coming!!

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