Have you ever just felt beyond frustrated with all that you’ve been putting into your blog or biz and the lack-luster results that have come out of your efforts?  I mean, you’ve been hustling hard, working on those awesome goals you nicely mapped out and  it seems things just aren’t happening like you want them to. Or maybe you feel like there’s too much going on and your goals are being neglected.

If any of this sounds familiar and has you nodding your head, then I too can totally relate. It’s like for all your good intentions, the universe is conspiring to just mess you up.  But, let me tell you girlfriend, the universe doesn’t hate you and the good Lord is still on your side. And so am I :).

I have three tips for you to help deal with those bouts of frustration because, you know like I know, throwing in the towel is not an option, girl.

Take some time to regroup.

When I’m feeling down about the progress of my goals, I sit down with a book and pencil and write.  I suggest you do this as well.  Take a moment to list your goals again and make note of why you are focusing on them.  Be sure to jot down any progress you’ve made towards them and celebrate the little wins.  

One of my goals this year is to build my Instagram following through engaging with people and posting consistently. I recently made it to 100 followers within a relatively short period (though it seemed like forever). I celebrated that!  To beat frustration and overwhelm, you’ve gotta master not waiting to celebrate and feel good about what you’re doing. So celebrate, celebrate, and celebrate as much as you can.

And when you’re done celebrating, figure out what your next steps are and get back to work.

Walk away from tech and all the noise online.

Sometimes the frustration comes in when you’re seeing everyone else around you, maybe in your Facebook groups and on Instagram, celebrating and making announcements about their big wins. Maybe they’ve made great sales or booked out services within the blink of an eye and you’re still trying to get one person to comment on your blog. During times like these, the envy creeps in and you start comparing your progress to theirs. That’s such a bad idea and only amplifies the feelings of frustration.

Instead of focusing on what’s going on around you, trying turning your attention toward the things that make you feel at peace, calm or happy.  When you find  yourself in comparison mode, try read a book or binge watch your favorite show.  You might also consider going a walk or run, if that’s your thing.  Whatever you do, just be intentional about getting away from the noise so that you can clear your head.

Practice gratitude

Celebrating your WINS is a good step in eliminating the feelings of frustration but another way to further minimize them is to adopt a habit of gratitude.   Whether you’re being grateful for a hassle-free commute or someone complimenting you on your outfit, practice being grateful for everything.   Every day, write down what you are grateful for and again don’t forget to take  notice of the small things.

When you’re on your journey to accomplishing goals, it is inevitable that you will feel frustrated along the way. Thoughts that it’s taking too long or someone is doing better than you, will crop up. But nothing good happens in your comfort zone.  

Things will get tough but girl, you got this. You gotta keep pushing and if it takes me writing posts like this to help motivate you. Then, so be it 🙂

Okay, your turn.  What are your thoughts on today’s post?  Have you taken on any practices that help you manage your frustration and overwhelm?  Share with us in the comments below.   

Author: Renee Desuza

Renee DeSuza is the freelance writer and virtual assistant behind DeSuza & Co. She works with savvy bloggers and boss ladies who need help with their businesses. Outside of her business, Renee spends time with her son or catching up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

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