March is Women’s History Month and we’re here for the celebration!

Now of course notable women who have made history should be celebrated every day but this month we are paying special attention to the contributions dope women  and women in history have made.

It’s no secret that women in the past had to endure quite a bit. Most were not thought to be capable of more than childbearing and managing a household but so many has proved that theory wrong.  The saying goes: you have to know where you came from to know where you are going and if there’s one thing women in history have taught us, it’s that we are very capable of making great things happen.

From the right to vote and for equal pay to the freedom to do what we think is best with our bodies, women have continuously stood up for what we believed in.  

When it comes to standing up for ourselves, we women have a been fighting and will continue to fight.

Here are 3 ways women in history have taught us to stand up for ourselves.

 In the face of discrimination

The Women’s Suffrage movement was about being allowed to vote and run for office. It was women like Fannie Lou Hamer who demanded the right to choose who governed and made decisions that directly affected them.  

Imagine, in 2017, not being able to choose the next president or Mayor or even being able to run for office yourself.  If those women hadn’t stood up and demanded to be heard, God knows where we would be today.

Against segregation and racism

Women like Mary McLeod Bethune, Rosa Parks, Angela Davis, Nina Simone and Coretta Scott King have proven that it’s not only the men who can be on the front lines fighting for change during the Civil Rights Movement.  These women stood up with the men, fighting for equal rights for us all.

For the right to an education

Young Malala Yousafzai made it into the history books, almost making the ultimate sacrifice, for wanting an education. A lot of us take this for granted, forgetting that in some countries education is a luxury for many and not a necessity, especially for young girls and women.  

In the modern age, there are other issues that demand we stand up and let our voices be heard. But those women who have made history for taking a stand have definitely paved the way for us to do the same.

Whether it’s a for a cause or in your personal life, learning to stand up for yourself is a necessity.  Standing up is an act of love and an expression of self-care.

The title of Steve Harvey’s book “Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man” can be considered a mantra when it comes to stepping and standing up for yourself.  If there is an opportunity available, take it.  When it comes to your goals and making a change in your life, stand up and make it happen.

Madam CJ Walker said “Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.”

So my question is, How are you standing up for yourself?…Today, this month, and in your lifetime?


Author: Renee Desuza

Renee DeSuza is the freelance writer and virtual assistant behind DeSuza & Co. She works with savvy bloggers and boss ladies who need help with their businesses. Outside of her business, Renee spends time with her son or catching up on the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

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