What I’ve come to know about being an entrepreneur is that this journey will teach you more about yourself than any other experience.

Yes, I’ve had my fair share of F*CK boys, crazy growing up experiences, friendship drama, etc…and while I learned a lot about myself and life through those experiences, there’s a different level of growth that happened when I pursued entrepreneurship. Through entrepreneurship I’ve come to realize:

  • Fear plays in the background of my decision-making, way more than I thought
  • I am a perfectionist
  • I like to be in control
  • I could use help with planning and organizing
  • I am not a fan of back-end technology :/ lol
  • I want everything to happen on my time
  • I don’t trust God as much as I know I should

Again, I honestly can’t say that any other experience – outside of entrepreneurship – has taught me these specific things about myself.

…And when I think about it, I personally believe this is because there is something about the whole “wanting to see your dreams come to life” that makes you put the mirror right in your face.  There’s something about pursuing your passion, wanting to serve the world and help others that makes you say “okay, where am I at and what do I need to shift, adjust, or change so that I can be a better woman and better business woman”. 

As this kind of introspection is common for us entrepreneurs, I have really been thinking about what or where I need to improve in 2017. I specifically asked myself “what it is that I MUST leave in 2016, so that I can make room for my blessings of 2017?”.

The more I thought about this, the more it became clear what had to go.  I actually realized that there were 3 main things that just aren’t welcome into my New Year.  They are:

1. Fear of failure

I know from the outside looking in it seems like I am this SUPER BRAVE woman, and in some ways I am, BUT I deal with fear just as you may.  In the past I had been able to easily move through my fear, but lately (and this past year) it seemed almost impossible.

I do realize that some of how I respond to fear is residual…

After losing my home, car and job and then letting go of my other biz, I became afraid for anything else to “go wrong”.  So I lived in that space of “fear”.

My fear of failure became so intense that it literally was crippling.  I found myself second guessing EVERYTHING and I hardly could make decisions without thinking “what if?” I would even stare at my computer screen for hours, before writing a blog post, because I would be afraid that “no one would like or read it.” Sound crazy? I know but it was real.

What I had to come to terms with is that there is no “sign it on the dotted line” guarantee in this entrepreneurial game. While there are tips, tricks, techniques that can be used to advance your business, at the end of the day, entrepreneurship calls for you to take many risks.  I’ve never been afraid to take risks before and I decided that I am no longer allowing a minor life setback to determine how I move.

So, instead of focusing on the “what if”, in 2017 I am asking myself “why not?”.  Here’s is what I am also doing to combat my fearful thoughts:

I am being be more intentional about praying.  As soon as I feel the “fearful feeling” I’m stopping right in my tracks to say a quick prayer.  I’ve actually already started doing this and I’m amazed at how centered and grounded I have been.  I’m def keeping this up in 2017.

2. Impatience

Yes, impatience is getting the boot too! I learned that I am the type who wants what I want and I want it NOW lol.  I attribute this mindset to my ambitious, Capricorn nature.  Us Capricorns are so used to the fruit of our labor matching our efforts that it stings a bit when things don’t happen in the manner or time in which we expect.  In some ways, the sense of gratification is what keeps us going. However, as this post is about “leaving stuff behind in 2017” –  I am claiming 2017 to be the year that I work for it and then practice “waiting”.

3. Lack of trust in God

These last few months I’ve been working with myself to identify what had been causing my anxiety and I realized the bulk of it was stemming from my fear of failure, impatience, AND my lack of trust in God.  When I finally realized how these three things were affecting me, I told myself either I was going to trust the vision that God gave me or I wasn’t…I am done trying to have it both ways.

So, as I leave lack of trust behind, here’s 3 affirmations that I’m using to combat it:

  • I believe in myself and my capabilities.
  • I trust in Gods plan for my life and I trust his perfect timing.
  • I trust that God is going to show me exactly what I need to do, who I need to connect with, and what I need to know in this very moment.

All in all, I am expecting GREAT things for myself and Rock Your Reality in 2017.   I know that if I don’t catch my life, I will block what God is sending my way. I claiming 2017 as the year of opportunity, connection and power and I’m leaving behind all that don’t align with such!

I am sooo looking forward to a prosperous New Year for myself and I wish the same for you!

Having said that,  is there something you know you need to ditch so that you can receive your New Year blessings?  What are you planning to leave behind?  Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, I’ll be rooting for your success and cheering you on!

Until next time and as always, I love you like XO!


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