Among the narrative that’s shared on what it takes to “achieve your dreams”, is the message that you have to “work your ass off”.  You’ll hear many successful biz “experts” share things like  “if you want results, you gotta put in the work,  you must hustle hard, and push through the rough times to achieve your dreams”.

Admittedly,  I have subscribed to such lifestyle, and have even shared those same messages with my audience and readers; hence the creation of my “hustle hard” tees that I have in the shop.  While I do believe that you must work hard to achieve your dreams, I equally believe you have to find the balance between work and flow.  And as I have personally allowed myself to flow in and out of the process of finding relaxation and deep self-care, I’ve been inspired to share some ways you can do the same.

Relaxation via Body Brushing

Body brushing is a great way to release tension and energize the body.  It also assists in stimulating circulation, removing dead skin, breaking up cellulite and helping the lymphatic system detox the tissues and blood.

Body brushing is done by using a natural bristle brush to literally brush your body.   When body brushing, it’s best to start on dry skin before bathing.   You want to start at your feet and work up the body using long, strokes towards your heart.  Be sure to cover your whole body, except for your breast and face.  This practice may seem like it will take up lot’s of your time, but guess what?  You don’t need to spend a tremendous amount of time brushing – 2-3 minutes before showering is fine.

If you want to get into body brushing, here’s some brushes you may consider trying:

I love the Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush.   I love the length of the handle and how good the bristles feel. There’s other brushes that work well too.  Here are a few others that you may consider:
3 Brushes/Set Touch Me 100% Natural Boar Bristle Sublime Beauty HEALTHY ORIGINAL BODY BRUSH for Well-Being

Relaxing aromatic detox Bath

I think we can all agree that taking a moment to soak in the bath is one of the most relaxing practices ever.   To invite in even more relaxation and to help your body detox, I recommend aromatic detox bathing in the evenings.

To do this you’ll want to run the hottest water you can stand and add in about 10 – 20 drops of  relaxing essential oil (lavender works great), 2 cups of Epsom salts, and one cup of baking soda.  Soak in the tub for 20 minutes,  allowing yourself to sweat. When you are finished bathing, you can wrap yourself up in towels and head straight to bed to encourage even more sweat.  I know sweating sounds icky, but trust me you’ll feel seriously relaxed afterwards.

Here are some of the items I love to use for my aromatic detox bath

NOW Let There Be Peace and Quiet Relaxing Essential Oil Kit Dr Teal’s Therapeutic Solutions Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution
Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda

OR if you want to skip the essential oils, you may consider trying pre-scented bath salts, such as
Dr Teals Lavender Epsom Salt

relaxation via AIReal Yoga™

I have become a HUGE fan of doing aerial yoga to help with relaxation. At the beginning of this month, I had the chance to practice this new wave of yoga with the AIReal Yoga™ (pronounced air-real yoga) team.  Now if you’re new to this type of yoga, let me share:

Aerial Yoga combines traditional yoga poses, pilates and dance with the use of a hammock. The way that it works is you sit in a soft hammock – which is made out of a nylon material that can support over 2000 pounds.  If you thought for one second that you’re too heavy to do this form of yoga, think again :).  

Throughout the class, you do various yoga poses using the hammock for support.  Some of the basic poses include simple stretching (as shown in the 1st picture below) while others included hanging upside down and grabbing your thighs, ankles or feet (shown in the 2nd picture).

Okay so as I mentioned, I caught up with the  AIReal Yoga™ team at Wanderlust Fest (earlier this month) here in Atlanta.  The AIReal Yoga™  brand was founded by Carmen Curtis, who actually happens to have trained Beyoncé and her dancers  in AIReal Yoga™ style for the Formation World Tour (say whatttt??? LOL).

I had the chance to speak with Carmen via phone to learn more about her AIReal Yoga™ company – which is actually based out of California.  While speaking with Carmen, she shared her deep passion for creating space for others to feel energized and free; so much so that AIReal Yoga™  has the only aerial yoga teacher training program accredited by the Yoga Alliance.

What I loved most about my conversation with Carmen is learning of her true heart for using AIReal Yoga™ as a way to empower women (and men) to release fear, deepen their understanding of wellness, and build confidence.

While others have described aerial yoga as much more fulfilling and calming than traditional yoga,  Carmen says you will “leave class feeling taller, leaner, and quite literally higher”.

After taking a class myself, I have to say I agree!  As the instructor Tanya guided us through our beautiful practice on that sunny April afternoon, we did some relaxing and some challenging poses.  With the sun beaming on my face and my body, in that moment, I felt as if I didn’t have a worry in the world.

If you haven’t gathered by now, I highly suggest you check AIReal Yoga™ out.  You can check out their upcoming festivals here and workshops/events here.   In the meantime, here’s a few more pics from my first and OH SO AMAZING Wanderlust AIReal Yoga™ experience.

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