FEAR has been described as False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

I absolutely love this description because though we know fear is NOT real,  in the moment that we are experiencing it, it seems 1000% legit.  And because it seems so real, we tend to make decisions or not, take action or not, based on whether fear is present or not.

As I’ve observed my own fears and as I listen to rising entrepreneurs speak of their fears, I noticed that fear manifests itself in many ways. I am sharing 3 of the most common types of fear, so that you can be mindful not to let them get in the way of you winning.

1. FEAR OF REJECTION.  We all know what it feels like to be rejected. It doesn’t feel good and so for many of us we literally run far away from rejection.  The thing about “fearing rejection” is that it usually shows up when you come to the table with a set of expectations.  When people, things, experiences don’t align with those expectations you to feel let down and hurt.   Rejection, however, is not such a bad thing because the truth is every project, person or opportunity is not meant for you.  A “no” only means you’re getting closer to your YES!  So instead of fearing rejection, just embrace it, move forward, and know that you’re getting closer to your intended goal.

2. FEAR OF BEING SEEN. The fear being seen usually stems from the fact that you don’t really believe in yourself and your capabilities.  Rather than be bold and brave in your pursuits, you take on a meek/ mild stance.  Instead of speaking up at that conference, you sit in the back and watch everyone else assert themselves.  Instead of hosting that workshop, you attend any and everyone else’s.  Instead of launching your business, you go to work for someone else.  Of course I’m not saying there’s something wrong with working for someone else but what I am saying is sometimes even this seemingly innocent decision, really is a way to “hide”.  If you know you are one who plays a “small game” in fear of being seen,  I challenge you to ask yourself this –  If hiding wasn’t an option, how would I move differently?  Who would I be?  What would I do? Also, work on putting yourself out there by introducing yourself first when you engage with someone new, being the first to raise your hand to speak, and standing out by wearing bold, bright colors.

3. FEAR OF FAILURE.  Fear of failure sucks because it causes your amazingly gifted, talented self to aim low.  It causes you to dream small and think little.   Fear of failure keeps you stuck thinking negative and limiting thoughts, such as “no one will like my project or maybe my launch won’t be successful”. Fear of failure leads to failure to launch and so  you find yourself starting amazing projects only to let them sit. The thing about failure is that it is a key component of winning.  Failing is a part of the process.  You have to fail to win.  There’s no way around it.  However, just because you fail doesn’t mean you have to stay focused on failing. When you hit a wall or find that something you’re doing doesn’t work,  take it as an opportunity to consider what you can do differently, how you can improve, or what other route you should take. Whatever you do, just keep pushing.

Okay lady love, I’m sure you’ve experienced one form of fear or another and I’m sure you know that it’s not the “feeling of the fear” that gets in the way, but it’s the “allowing fear to keep you stuck”.  That said, I really encourage you to pay closer attention to notice when fear is playing in the background of your decision-making.  When you notice fear present, identify which form of fear you’re experiencing and then immediately put yourself into an “acceptance” mindset.  Tell yourself, “I am okay with the outcome no matter if it seems to go in my favor or not.”  The moment you get into a place of acceptance, you’ll notice the fear fade.

Finally if there’s one thing to should take away from today’s post, let it be this:

Fear has killed more dreams that failing ever has!

Don’t let fear be the reason you’re not GREAT! Keep pushing and know that I am rooting for your success.



P.S.  If you’ve recently did something to break free from fear, we want to hear about it. Share your experiences in the comments below.




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