1:1 – Her Morning Rocks – 90 Min Coaching Session

Let me share something with you girl –

No two days are alike, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned its that having a solid morning routine (or the lack there-of)  can make or break any day.   Your morning routine is the difference in whether your approach your day with intention and direction, feeling grounded and free or whether you feel all over the place, out of whack and like your days have no purpose to them.

Trust me, I know the power of a morning routine all to well.  Before having my own, I used to get up, scroll my IG feed (new aged news lol), shower,  get dressed, and head out to do my days tasks.  I would sometimes accomplish the tasks that I set out to do but oftentimes, I would come home feeling all over the place, feeling like I didn’t accomplish much and like my life lacked purpose.  And the times when I wasn’t feeling all over the place, I was just feeling like BLAH.  How un-fun is that?

It wasn’t until I started pouring into myself, each morning – every single morning – that I started to feel like I had a better handle on each day.  I was no longer at the mercy of whatever might have taken place that day and I was actually began living my life on purpose – each day!

As you may imagine, I felt all around better about myself, but the true benefit is that I stopped feeling like I had no purpose. I learned how to harness purpose by taking intentional action  and approaching each day with more  clarity, confidence and direction. Oh, might I add that this all happened within a matter of weeks.

And because my “developing a solid morning routine” has been so beneficial for me, I created a Her Morning Rocks intensive to help you have success in this area as well.

As part of this intensive you will get:

  • 90 minute strategy session where we will go through your current morning routine and come up with a strategic plan on how to make best use of your mornings.    We’re fusing in all things power, purpose and positivity.
  • Tips and tools on setting your daily intentions
  • Tools for setting your daily goals and how to conquer your to-do list in a stress free way
  • Quick and easy breakfast tips + recipes  to use right away
  • Mindset hacks to silence the negative committee that meets in your head
  • Mindfulness tips that can be used to keep your grounded throughout the day

The approach we’ll take will leave you with more energy, feeling less burned out, and give you more purpose and direction each day.

If you know this is something you definitely need and are ready to rock your mornings book your 90 minute coaching session today.